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Employee Incentive for July

Here at CNP, we have amazing employees (hosts as you know them)!! We want to give a shout out to all our amazing hosts each month by giving away some pretty cool CNP stuff!

In July, we offered an incentive to help cover our many shows when employees need off for vacation, illness, emergencies and sometimes, life events!

CNP hosted over 300+ events in July and our employees STEPPED UP to cover all the shows we needed coverage for!

Employees got an entry into the monthly drawing the following ways:

  • Because they're awesome- 1 entry

  • If they had a birthday in July - 1 entry

  • If they didn't call off- 1 entry

  • Every sub job they picked up- 1 additional entry

We had 119 entries!

Check out our July winner:

Our manager will be delivering your prize (it's pretty cool) while you're hosting! Be on the lookout!!!!

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