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Private Events

Private Parties and Corporate Events

What is an engaging and fun entertainment option for friends, family and employees? 


Are you looking for a fresh idea for your employees after a meeting, or an ice-breaker to help your people get to know each other?



Cheaters Never Prosper Trivia can help make your gathering, team building event, corporate party, or holiday celebration something they will be talking about long after the event is over! Cheaters Never Prosper Trivia has years of experience designing and hosting trivia game and we know what works to keep your group entertained, laughing, thinking and engaged for the entire show.


Our most popular format is a 4 round game, which lasts 2 hours (approx. 1/2 hr per round). We can also shorten it by round to fit everyones time constraints. We also include a puzzle on paper with every game. Our puzzles are handed each team that they work thru as a team (see samples below). 


Our trivia host will travel to your venue, provide everything needed and ask questions that include movies and television, sports, pop culture, music, geography, food, tech, etc. We can also include questions about your company or industry. Our games are always family friendly (of course). When it's all over, we award prizes (supplied by you) to each member of the winning team. Your host can take a team photo to send to you when the event is over to share your successful event with people who could not make it or to include in your newsletters and social media. The winners always love the bragging rights!!!!!

We can customize trivia to fit your needs! Want to ask some questions about a specific theme? Special music? Just ask! We have many many specialty games as well (Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Office, Friends etc.) and more to come! If our traditional trivia doesn’t meet your needs, just let us know and we can customize a special game that fits your specific group and time limit!

We also offer All Sports games and All music games as well as the ability to provide music for dinner prior or dancing after, even karaoke. Prices vary based on what is needed per event. Please use the contact form below and allow us to help make your event a memorable one that your people talk about for a very long time!!!!

Some of the events we have hosted:

Accounting/Law Firms, Schools/Colleges, Corporate picnics, Weddings, Holiday Parties, the list is endless...

A Five Question Example:

  1. What is the largest artery in the human body?

  2. Referring to US money, if you have three pieces of paper currency and each one has a different President pictured on it,what is the lowest amount of money that you could have?

  3. What basketball coach was an All-American at Purdue, succeeded Wilbur Johns as coach, and won 10 NCAA titles as a coach?

  4. Made famous by Whitney Houston, what country singer wrote the song “I Will Always Love You”?

  5. Can you name the movie and the four men who have won the Academy Award for Best Director for their directorial debut of a theatrically-released film, all occurred after 1980?

5 sample puzzles (in PDF format) you can download and test yourself as an example!

Please use the following form to contact us about your event >>
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