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How To Play

CNP Trivia is split into four rounds of play.


Each of the four rounds consists of ten questions (worth 1 or 2 points),

and one bonus question (worth 5 points).


Three questions in each round will be multiple choice.

- Round 1: Questions are worth one point each. 15 points maximum.
- Round 2: Questions are worth two points each. 25 points maximum.
- Round 3: Puzzle Round - 15 points maximum.
- Round 4: Questions are worth one point each (with an added bonus)
(Bonus) After answering questions 1-10, guess how many your team

             answered correctly. If you are correct, receive double your

             points for the round. - 25 points maximum for Round 4.


Maximum Possible Score after all four rounds of play = 80 points

The Basics
Tie Breakers

In the event of a tie, whichever team has answered the most bonus questions correctly, will be declared winner.
If a second tie breaker is needed, the team who has correctly answered the most question #1's, will be declared winner.
If needed, we will proceed through the questions in numerical order, until a winner is determined.
OR one hand of a selected card game, between a member or each of the tied teams (winner takes all).
OR Best of Three in Rock, Paper, Scissors.
And in some special circumstances a  DANCE OFF (click here to see it)

The Official Rules
  • Teams may consist of no more than ten members.

  • Please do not shout out the answers.

  • The use of cell phones, laptops, or other "connected" means to obtain answers will result in disqualification.

  • Some answers require a full name or title for credit. These questions will be announced as such.

  • Please do not use abbreviations. It is best not to assume the event organizer will understand what you mean.

  • When time is up for the round, answer sheets will be collected in a timely manner, whether finished or not.

  • Once an answer sheet has been turned in, you may not ask to have it returned.

  • Late arrivals may ask for a repeat of up to three questions.

  • This is a friendly competition, so please try to keep it that way.

  • Some questions are harder than others, you are not expected to know every answer.

  • We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our trivia shows.

  • Dispute settlement rests solely with the Trivia Host, and their decisions are final.

  • The Trivia Host is NOT responsible for lost or stolen prizes.

  • It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you receive your prizes.


And As Always Cheaters Never Prosper

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