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January Winner

We're all about spoiling our employees!

Here at CNP, January brought in some new shows, private events, and a few snowy days!

If you haven't checked out our daily schedule yet, we highly recommend you do so because we host trivia 7 days a week in the midstate! Find your favorite place and check it out! We'd love to see you there!

Since our hosts are out working all the time, we spoil our hosts with a monthly incentive! Here's how they are entered:

1 Entry for being awesome!

1 Entry if it's your birthday month!

1 Entry if they don't miss a show

1 Additional Entry for every time they sub!

Some of our hosts LOVE to sub and see new faces! Thanks for all you do!

Congrats to Mike as he won our January drawing! He'll receive a great prize and it will be dropped off to him one night while he's working!

To all our hosts, thanks again for all you do and enjoying the best job there is!

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