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Puzzle #7 Answers

Our sixth puzzle round was posted in the CNP app for two weeks on the first Saturday of the month. We had just 9 correct answers this time! Kudos!!!! Make sure you check out the spinning wheel on Facebook and Instagram!

Hailey S. will be getting a great prize from CNP! Make sure you check your email, Hailey!!

This was a toughie!

Our next puzzle is posted on the app!

In case you're wondering what the answers were to puzzle #7....

The answers for Puzzle #7:

Image 1- Dax Shephard- Glenn Withrow as Tim Sheperd

Image 2- Cherry- Diane Lane as Sherrie "Cherry" Valance

Image 3- Generic Soda- Rob Lowe as Sodapop "Soda" Curtis

Image 4- 2 horse bits- Emilio Estavez as Keith "Two-Bit" Mathews

Image 5- Buck (Kill Bill)- Tom Waits as Buck Merrill

Image 6- Julius Randel - Tom Cruise as Steve Randle

All of these were characters from The Outsiders!

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