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Our Top 10 Grey’s Anatomy Trivia Team Names That Are Not Medicinal

Though much of the drama comes from the minds of the writers, did you know that Grey’s Anatomy also has storylines based on unusual, true-life cases found in medical journals? Grey’s Anatomy trivia names can take inspiration from characters, episode titles, those unique medical plotlines — anything you love about the show!

As you’re probably aware of the show because it has 19 seasons and 406 episodes, there have been some very ingenious trivia team names, here's our Top 10... 

1 The McDreamy Division

2 Catherine Fox Award Winners

3 Pick Us. Choose Us. Love Us

4 Emerald City Circle

5 Whipple Warriors

6 Somebody Sedate Us!

7 The OG Interns

8 LEXIEpedia

9 10-Blade Brigade

And everyones favorite

Vajayjay Nation

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