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CNP Trivia’s 2016 

Summer Trivia Tourney

On Sunday June 12, 2016 Cheaters Never Prosper Trivia will hold their 4th Annual trivia tournament at the Lancaster Country Club. The event will be approx. 30 teams participating totaling a little over 250 players. The 2015 tourney was won by the Bar Room Deltas (winners of the last three straight tourneys).

A big shout out to our sponsors Arrogas & Harrisburg Senators!

The Einstein Bowl will be held on Sunday June 12 at  
Lancaster Country Club 
1466 New Holland Pike • Lancaster, PA

1. Doors will open at 5pm

2. Buffet will begin at 5:30pm - ($15 per person)

3. Trivia starts promptly at 7pm

4. Triva will be 5 rounds   (3 rounds of questions, 1 music round and 1 puzzle)

5. Teams can be no more than 8 players

6. Winner Tshirts will be provided to the winning team

7. Partcipants can pre-purchase Tshirts for ($13 per shirt) they will be delivered the following week


Teams Qualified for the Einstein Bowl
Harrisburg Area

Drink Apple Juice, OJ Will Kill You

Last Call with Anal Johnson

Rough Riderss

E=MC Hammer

I Love You Schmoopie

Your Mother’s Sweater is the Finest One

Ben & the Davises

Happy Sox

They’re Real & They’re Spectacular

Just One More

Just Because We Can

Master Of Our Domain

Flip Flops N Socks

Not Dead Yet

Obamas Big Black Caucus


Bacon Cheddar Waffles

Feel The Vern

Lancaster Area

Out Of The Vortex

Subdural Hematomas

Bad Decisions Club

Just Us

Bar Room Deltas

Dain Bramage

Gits & Shiggles

Snooty Foxes


Arctic Lambs

4 5s and a Nork

Keisha w/ Steve B Eyes

Melt in your Mouth

What The Hell

Shmoo 2

Lancaster Area - 8 Week Scores

Harrisburg Area - 8 Week Scores

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