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    CNP Trivia’s 2015 

    Summer Trivia Tourney

    Sponsored By:

    Lancaster Area - 8 Week Scores

    Harrisburg Area - 8 Week Scores

    Cash Prize Winners

    66 - Bar Room Deltas

    61 - E=MC Hammer

    52 - Red Ranger Stabbed A Dude

    52 - Iceman & Friends

    51 - Out of the Vortex 

    50 - Sweet Little Baby Jesus

    50 - Special Delivery


    The Next five

    The Byliners

    Bad Decisions Club

    Coal Crackers

    Fabulous Screaming Gophers

    Happy Sox


    The Rest of the Pack

    Trivia Newton John

    Just The Tip

    Sh*tter’s Full

    Obamas Big Black Caucus

    We Go’n’ Lose

    Team America

    Ole 96ers

    The Brain Ninjas

    Eggs Over Expert Level

    The Moosers & Lil Vern

    Subdural Hematomas

    I Vernon Love D*ck

    Gits & Shiggles

    Kesha w/Steve Buscemi’s Eyes

    Where’d That Monkey Go

    Alphabet Union


    Einstein Prize

    Just One More

    On Sunday June 21, 2015 CNP Trivia held their first of our new bi-annual trivia tournaments at the Lancaster Country Club. The event was a huge success with 29 teams participating totaling a little over 200 total players. The event was won by the Bar Room Deltas (winners for the 3rd time in a row). We are planning and looking forward to our 2015 winter tourney already! A big shout out to our sponsors Arrogas & Harrisburg Senators!