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Cheaters Never Prosper

Trivia Tournaments

CNP Trivia will have 2 tournamens per year, a summer tourney and a winter tourney. Below please find the links to our completed tournaments and information on our next tourney!


We anticipate our next tourney starting in Decemeber of 2015.



2015 Summer Tourney

The Einstein Trophy

is presently on display at Taproom by Springhouse

after being won by the Ballroom Deltas who have won 3 tournaments in a row!!!



  1. Each team must register at each venue by April 14 to compete

  2. Each team may register at as many venues as you want but you must use a different team name at each venue

  3. $25 non-refundable registration fee per team/per venue

  4. Each team must appoint a team captain who will be primary contact for tournament organizers

  5. The tournament will run for 8 weeks (April 11 - June 2)

  6. The team from each venue with the highest combined 8 week score will be invited to the Einstein Bowl.
    (next 4 top scoring teams from across the venues and 4 teams drawn from a hat from all remaining paying teams)

  7. Scores for participating teams will be published on this website. (scores are cumulative)

  8. Teams can be no more than 8 players (in The Einstein Bowl)

  9. The Einstien Bowl will be held on Sunday June 12 at Lancaster Country Club, 1466 New Holland Pike, Lancaster, PA

  10. The top scoring team at the Finale will be awarded prizes and the winning team will be awarded the Einstein Trophy to be kept on display at their “home venue” until the beginning of CNP’s 2016 Winter Trivia Tourney and a Night Out With the Harrisburg Senators & Arroga's. Plus many other prizes for participating players!

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